Best Resources for Biomechanics Evidence-Based Practice

Dear BIG members,

ACSM has recently invested in the development of a new web-based resource called MOSAIC. MOSAIC is a Resource Center and Evidence Library designed to house the graded evidence used in the development of ACSM Position Stands, as well as a variety of other high-level resources that are relevant to those in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science.
MOSAIC is not meant to be an all-encompassing repository, nor will it search for resources external to the MOSAIC platform (i.e., Google-lite). ACSM’s goal is to populate MOSAIC with resources that will be of benefit to our members, with the aim to provide a central repository for these resources for our members to view and download. Thus, we are seeking your input in identifying resources that are of high quality, trustworthy, and meet the needs of our members.

Help us by adding your comment to this post with your suggested resource. You can also help by “liking” someone else’s suggestion. We will choose from the most popular suggestions to get a final first-pass list that we send on to ACSM leadership.


Please use the following criteria to identify a top resource. Along with the details, select one or more of the criteria listed below that you used to identify the resource:
Title of Resource:
Type of Resource (book, research article, website URL, newsletter, lecture, etc.):
Author(s) of Resource:
Year, volume, pages (if published work):
This resource is:
(a) a resource that you personally use frequently in your work, research, or teaching
(b) a resource from a trusted organization (eg., scientific statement from AHA)
(c) a resource deemed as “game changing” in your field
(d) a resource from a peer-reviewed journal
(e) Other (Please describe)

Thanks very much for your help in making MOSAIC a great library for the Sports Medicine community!


Your BIG Heads

Ajit, Jean, Brian, and Joe