Biomechanics Interest Group is headed by 4 members who are elected at the national meeting by members attending the annual BIG meeting. Each leadership team member (affectionately referred to a BIG HEAD) serves 3 years as a co-chair and 1 year as the chair. The BIG HEADs have rotating responsibilities that include, liaising with ACSM leadership, communicating with members, organizing the annual BIG meeting, implementing awards committee procedures and maintain relationship with our valuable sponsors.  

Each year, as the chair completes their service to the BIG, a new co-chair is elected at the BIG meeting at the ACSM annual meeting. If you are interested in becoming a BIG HEAD or want to nominate someone, please send a short bio to acsm.big.chairs@gmail.com. The nominees must attend the annual ACSM BIG meeting and be in a faculty position (i.e., not a graduate student or post-doc) to be eligible.

Current Leadership

Past Leadership