Graduate Student Summer Research Fellowship

The BIG Awards Committee will select Awardees based upon the scientific quality of the proposed biomechanics or motor control research. The Awardee must an ACSM student member. Applications will be reviewed by the ACSM BIG Chairs and ACSM BIG Members. The intent of the funding is to support a student’s summer stipend or other related costs of performing the proposed work. The award consists of research funding in the amount of $1000 USD. Awardees must reply to the award notification email within one week to confirm acceptance.


Current or pending student member of the ACSM at the time of the ACSM Annual Meeting. A student is considered eligible for the award if they are someone who is currently in a graduate program studying Biomechanics or Motor Control of MovementNote: Applicants may concurrently submit for Student Research Award but can only be selected for one award.

Application Submission Materials 

1) Letter of nomination and endorsement from the Graduate Advisor. This letter should include statements specifying 1) the applicant’s roles, 2) expected contributions to the proposed research, and 3) to confirm that the student will not already be receiving a summer stipend to perform the proposed work. The letter should also specify that the applicant is seeking the Graduate Student Summer Research Fellowship.
2) 3-page summary of Background/Impact and Proposed Methods (2-page max), and Value for Professional Development (1/2 page max). All text in Times New Roman 12 pt font with 1” margins, 1.5 line spacing. References are not included within the 3-page limit.
3) Proof of ACSM student membership.
4) Combine all of the above materials into a single PDF with the file name Lastname-Firstname_SummerFellowshipAward.pdf
5) Application should be submitted to the ACSM BIG Awards Chair, Dr. Ross Miller at Please put “YOUR FIRST INITIAL, MI, LAST NAME – BIG AWARD” in the subject header of the application e-mail.

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